Are you guilty of sweeping under the carpet syndrome?

Get over it.

Is it truly that easy?

Sweeping under the carpet syndrome is something I’ve been asked to do many times in my life…


In my experience, if I don’t dive into it, I can’t transmute it into the gift of growth and healing it truly is.


I sit with it.

I Feel it.

I face it.

I Explore it.

I Work with it.

I let it guide me to solutions.

Things might seem tough but remember you’ve been placed where you are for a reason. Start looking for the lessons. Train yourself to learn and grow from these moments instead of sweeping them under the carpet only to come up again a day, month, week or even years later.

When we can look at our struggles differently and see them as a gift of growth and evolution our perspective of struggle itself can begin to change. We can begin to see it for the offering it truly is. I no longer fear difficulty. I embrace everything it teaches me!

Are you learning to work through difficult feelings instead of sweeping them under the carpet?

Wishing you the strength and courage to face the difficult moments and appreciate the gifts they truly are!