The Undeniable Power of Our Words

Our words are powerful.

How we speak to and about ourselves.

How we speak to and about others.

Our judgments.

Our opinions.

Our assumptions.

How often do you think about the consequences of what you say or repeat? How often do you recognize the power and magnitude that your words have? Do you realize your words could instill a belief or judgment in another, even seeping out into the consciousness of thousands of others? What we chose to say can set off a ripple effect, deeply influencing our lives and the lives of others.

For instance, if you criticize, judge, or make fun of someone in front of your children, they are likely to take on this judgment. They may repeat this behavior, passing that same unhealthy ideology down through generations. Do you want to be responsible for that negative energy trickling through the generations of your family? For the people who could be hurt because of an unhealthy judgment or criticism you’ve passed on? On the flip side you could also make it a habit to point out people’s gifts and strengths, creating a much healthier perspective to pass on and put out there. The choice is yours and awareness is key.

We often do not think before we speak. We repeat phrases, ideas, and societal concepts that are not even our own, just something we’ve repeatedly heard others say. I’m deeply working on breaking free of these patterns so that I can share a healthier, more authentic perspective. We can use our words for much better things than gossiping, judging, and criticizing. With a little more thoughtfulness and awareness, we can have a much more positive effect on the world and each other.

We truly are powerful!

How do you choose to use the power of your words?

Wishing you the deep awareness to know how powerful you truly are.




    1. transformativenourishment

      They really, truly are🙏

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