3 Tips For Raising Healthy & Empowered Kids

Deep wellness, authenticity, and finding a healthy balance are generally not the main focus and teachings of our society. Many of the nutritionists, wellness practitioners and healers I know, myself included, all reached a point where conventional approaches and quick fix solutions were not only not working but became completely toxic to our well being. I did not discover the power of creating a solid foundation rooted in daily wellness, self-love and mindset practices until I was well in my 30’s and often wonder how different life would have been if I would have had more awareness early on. When I became a mama for the first time almost seven years ago, I made it my life’s mission to teach my children how to create & maintain a solid foundation rooted in deep self-love, authenticity & wellness.

Here are my 3 top tips for raising healthy and empowered children:

1. I limit my kid’s exposure to mainstream media.

Ads, commercials, shows, movies, magazines, and countless other forms of media are constantly influencing our children. Mainstream media often promotes unrealistic ideals of beauty, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and many other things which do not support wellness and the last place I want my kids to learn about self-worth and a healthy lifestyle. Many people hold themselves to the unrealistic and often unattainable ideals of beauty and success society presents, and when they do not feel they’ve met those standards, they often beat themselves up. That stops here in my family. I’m teaching my girls to love themselves and appreciate their individual, unique beauty, and gifts. I truly feel mainstream media is counterproductive to that.

2. My children consume mostly organic Whole Foods.

Sure we occasionally have packaged stuff and other treats, but more often than not when we are home, we keep it healthy, organic, and homemade. Teaching my children how to support their bodies in the healthiest ways is essential knowledge for them to have. Statistically, with the diet they are currently eating, they will be less likely to struggle with diabetes, obesity, digestive issues & heart disease, which are all linked to the highly processed standard American diet.

3. I deeply listen to my children.

My children, like any other humans, have feelings, wants, needs & desires to express. I always try to deeply listen, honor their feelings and needs by supporting and meeting them in the healthiest, most aware way that I possibly can. It is so important they know how valuable they are, that I trust them and that they are free to express whatever they want, need, and feel. One of my main focuses is to teach my girls to communicate these things in a healthy, honest way. They are learning to deeply trust, love, and respect themselves, which I believe is the beginning of a beautiful foundation.

When I ask my children what they believe being healthy and happy is, I am so proud when they say eating lots of vegetables, being kind, nice and loving to ourselves and others, playing, doing yoga and meditation and going to the beach. I’m proud of the foundation I’m helping them build and for the healthy perspective they are developing. We are meant to be strong, healthy, and empowered. It’s up to us as parents to give our children the awareness and tools so they know how to find a healthy balance throughout their lives.

Wishing you the deep awareness and intuition to always know what is deeply best for your children. The values we instill in our children are powerful, and many will be passed on from generation to generation.





    1. transformativenourishment

      I’m so glad! Thank you!

  1. livfit40

    I started my ‘health’ journey in my early 30’s but not my mindset journey until 40. I wish I’d had more of this in my life years ago but just so happy I added it to my life. But the positive thing is having that mindset now to instil in our kids so they’ll have the tools earlier in life 💕. Thank you for a great read

    1. transformativenourishment

      Thank you so much for sharing! I think it’s such a beautiful thing that you are doing the work so your children will have more awareness♥️

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