Three Tips For Not Letting Criticism & Judgment Get To You

We all have them in our lives.

Hell, we have likely been them at some point.

The critics.

The judges.

The people who are so busy pointing out what’s wrong with everyone else that they never really take the time to look within and recognize that what they have to say about others says so much about their own character and integrity. Recognizing this was the catalyst for me to take a much more empowered approach in my life by starting to focus on my own growth, development, and simply being the change I wished to see.

It can suck when you feel like someone does not understand you or your choices. I also know it can be hard to stay calm & quiet when we feel unfairly judged or criticized by another, but I promise with these few tips you can get so focused on your own growth, well being and happiness that you will not have any time to worry about what your critics are saying.

1.Focus on you.

Self-care, nutrition, fitness, yoga, creating, whatever it is that fills you up, makes you feel empowered and balanced. When we are focused on bettering ourselves we do not have time to worry about what others think or do, we are busy growing, evolving & also building the resilience to handle such situations in a healthy way. This is key!

2.Change your perspective and look for the lesson.

Try to understand where they are coming from. Is there something you can learn or grow from here? Recognize that judgment and criticism is usually projected from one’s own fears, limited perspective, insecurities & even some of the societal programming we receive. Sometimes recognizing this makes it easier to accept where someone currently is while acknowledging where we may need to set some healthy boundaries with them.

3.Ask yourself if the criticism is constructive?

We can all sometimes get in a defensive place where it’s hard to see that the very thing we see as criticism is actually showing us a part of ourselves we may have been unaware of. I usually ask myself this question first to rule out that I could be the problem. Staying open and being able to discern if criticism is in fact constructive has allowed so much more growth, acceptance and understanding into my life.

If all else fails, you can walk away and create some space. Approaching the situation with a fresh perspective in a few days, weeks, or months could be all you need. In hindsight, things look MUCH differently when you are not emotionally in the thick of it.

When people continue to be critical in a shaming, condescending, or rude way, it is essential to speak up for yourself and set healthy boundaries. Don’t let anyone get used to thinking it’s ok to disrespect you. Be strong, stand in your power, and walk away if and when necessary. If someone shows you, they do not value you, believe them. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the disempowering cycle of thinking that if you are kinder and even more supportive of these people they will eventually begin to love and respect you.

Hope these tips can help you like they have truly helped me.

And just a final little reminder…

Many of the people who judge and criticize are generally speaking from their own insecurities and wounds. A healed person will not do that, they will instead try to understand. When looking at it from this perspective it is so much easier to not take things personally!

Wishing you the ability to see deeper into these uncomfortable experiences which can teach us so very much!




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      Thanks so much for your support and encouragement! ♥️

    1. transformativenourishment

      Thank you so much! Excited to read more of your blog later!

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