Make 2019 The Year Of Stepping Into Your Power

You know that woman. 

The one who is confident, powerful & making all the things happen. 

That lady who is fearlessly pursuing her dreams, loving herself fully & not putting up with anything less than she deserves.

She radiates confidence, self-love & is standing so fully in her authenticity & power.

Who wouldn’t want to be that fearless, powerful & confident? 


How can stepping into your power transform your life?

For me, 2018-2019 was the year of beginning to step more fully into my power and the year of becoming more of the woman I have always aspired to be. Diving further into my purpose, launching a website, starting a blog & having the courage to share more openly & authentically on social media platforms are just a few of the many positive things which have resulted from this. I am always finding areas where I can learn, evolve & grow but what I can share with you are the top five steps I have taken to get where I am today which is a much more confident, authentic & empowered place. 


Five ways you can begin stepping fully into your authentic power:


  1. Love yourself. I know this day in age there are so many things telling us we are not enough but let me promise you that you are, you simply have to believe it & know that loving yourself is 100% your responsibility. Show yourself some more love by stepping up your self-care game, affirming how great you are every morning, moving your body & fueling yourself with all the wellness supporting things. In my experience the better you feel, the easier it is to stand in your power.
  2. Own your shit! Yes… I know this sounds harsh, but I promise you this is such a vital part of effectively stepping into your power. We must take responsibility for our lives & recognize that our thoughts, words, actions & intentions have created our current reality. We can usually look back and see all of the places where we have disempowered ourselves and blamed others when it was us who allowed these things to happen by not creating healthy boundaries in the first place. Taking full & complete responsibility for this will let you make better, more empowered choices in the future.
  3. Create healthy boundaries. An easy way we disempower ourselves is by not setting healthy limits with others. It is 100% your responsibility to create your boundaries by deciding what feels right & best for you. Also, remember that if you have not previously had healthy boundaries, some people may not understand what is happening and react in an unsupportive or even critical way. It’s ok; they may need some time to adjust or if they are not willing to honor your boundaries you may need to walk away altogether. You’ll be able to discern what is best for you.
  4. Begin letting go of the things that no longer serve you. If you want to stand fully in your power its time to recognize that you cannot do that while still holding onto disempowering mindsets, habits, relationships, addictions, etc. Let them go gently with love and see how quickly the load you felt you were carrying will lighten making more room for all the things which empower you to be your best self.
  5. Believe you are powerful & capable. Know that you create your reality on all levels & with that, you also create your limitations. Affirm, Journal, Recite, Listen To all the things that affirm your power, your worth and your capabilities. Continuously reminding yourself of this solidifies the belief within and will eventually reflect back to you in your life & relationships.

Stepping into your power is not an overnight process, but I promise you with time & consistency you will begin to experience incredible and powerful changes in your life.  Let’s empower, uplift, support & encourage each other in becoming the best, highest and most powerful versions of ourselves. By being the change we wish to see we will empower others to feel comfortable doing the same! 

Wishing you the strength & courage to become your highest, most empowered self. 

XOXO, Christine


    1. transformativenourishment

      Thanks so much for reading! Appreciate you!

  1. I love this!! I am working on all these things in 2019 – it is definitely hard for me to set boundaries but I am slowly bit surely making progress. It is no one’s life but my own, so I have to do all of the above to live my best life! Thanks for this awesome post!

    1. transformativenourishment

      I love it! Way to step into your power girl! I appreciate the support so much!

    1. transformativenourishment

      I completely agree! Thanks so much sweet lady!

    1. transformativenourishment

      I appreciate that so much! Thank you!

  2. This is so powerful!! I love the own your shit part… honestly as someone who is a people please this is so hard for me! Thanks for this!

    1. transformativenourishment

      You are so welcome and I struggled with the same exact thing for so long! It is so very possible to step out of it!

  3. Bridget

    This is a great post love! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. transformativenourishment

      Thanks so much girl! Appreciate you!

  4. Joanna Haughton

    Omg. Boundaries are so important and I think so undervalued. Thanks! ✌️

    1. transformativenourishment

      I completely agree girl!

    1. transformativenourishment

      Thank you & you are so welcome!

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